People and Their Toys

Everywhere we go we bring our toys with us.  We are the same as when we were little children.  Cannot leave the house without your favorite doll.  Or if you were a little boy, your favorite action figure.  Which is the same as a doll, except the boy will feel like less of a girls if he brings his scarred-up dog-chewed GI Joe Cobra Commando with him.  But really, it’s his doll.

Anyway, as we grow older we still bring our toys everywhere with us.  Just now, the toys have gotten more expensive and high tech.  We are every bit the insatiably hungry consumers of all sorts of electronic merchandise.  We buy the newest latest models of tablets, just so we can watch movies and play music.  We take our Beats with us on the subway.  We install DVD players in our high-end SUVs.  We hire stretch limousines with complete DJ sound systems inside.  We watch digital 3D imagery on street billboards.  We even listen to recorded celebrities tell us how much to pay our cab driver.  Seems we cannot go anywhere without our high-tech toys.

electronic toys

Our Google eyeglasses help us see the  world better than the two primitive organic eyeballs we were born with.  Human 3D vision is not a big enough amazement – of course we need to make it better with an electronic toy.  Ok, we have progressed beyond sundials and water clocks.  But do you really need an electronic solution that provides anything better than your good old reliable Casio wristwatch from sixth grade?  I mean, for real.  Is  3:30PM a significantly different time if it’s read from a digital 8.00 Timex or a $250 iPhone wristwatch?  Our consumer electronics of the digital age have not only brought Dick Tracy back to life.  Our desire for electronic toys have bug up his grave, dusted off his bony rotten corpse, electrified him back to life and placed him right in the forefront of what used to be our imagination and is now our reality.  The latest wristwatch from Apple can not only tell time.  It can tell you what time it is anywhere the world, search for your long lost girlfriend, tell you where she lives (you stalker!), who she likes on Facebook, what restaurants she enjoys, what movies you both have seen (not together, ahem),  what is her favorite song, show you photos of all her classmates, her past five phone numbers, and photos of the last ten places she visited in New York.  Do you think our good old gumshoe Plainclothes Tracey would have been able to get that kind of intel on Flattop Jones or Trevor Bardette just by using his high-tech wristwatch?  I think not!

So yes, our high tech gadgetry rocks.  We pack it tighter and smaller.  Taking everything we need to entertain our small minds to get through our less and less meaningful lives in the most entertaining way possible.  Smaller and smaller.  More portable than ever.  Always plugged in to the world around us, about us, beyond us, and maybe even within us.  Taking it with us wherever we go.

Expect maybe for that ultra modern seventeen speaker DVD BlueRay digital downloading superspeed bandwidth munching internet game playing movie playing behemoth with the 96″ flatscreen with motion sensitive controls.

No.  That we leave in our basement.


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